Overskrift 1


Overskrift 1

Overskrift 1

My philosophical Corner:  

 We exist in Time and Space - Our time and our space are infinitely small  fragments of infinite time and infinite space - Time and space are ultimate,
indefinable factors, that we can only understand in part, and only by
 inspecting small portions of their infinity.
Time elapses as a series of moments, that have limitations but no limits.
One given moment is the same moment everywhere. As you blink ,a light is 
turned off, another turned on, a star begins a phase- everywhwere in infinity
this moment is, and then it is gone, forever, irrevocably.
Space is a constant, an invariance.-You can move and change the settings for 
objects in a given room - you can not move or in any way affect a room.
An outpointed spot in space will remain the same location in perpetuity .

Time is an eternal progression.
Space is a perpetual immobility.

These are the frames .

Thoughts about Art :

Art is not to be defined by quality.Art is a special way , in which we humans express ourselves ,or try to .There is poor art, and there is good art ,but poor art is still art , and some creations can be very elaborately done , and yet not be art.A car ,a chair , a political manouvre - however geniously they are made - it is not art.If some unskilled housewife makes a painting of her own liking -it may 

not be very well done -it is still art ! I think !!

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